90th Anniversary Celebration
About Us

Nestled in the heart of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, the Opera Theatre stands as a testament to the nation's cultural richness and architectural brilliance. Designed by the esteemed Academician-Architect Alexander Tamanyan, this iconic structure earned Tamanyan the prestigious first place at the 1937 World Architecture Exhibition in Paris.

The Opera Theatre is more than a cultural venue; it is an architectural masterpiece that has graced Yerevan since its official opening on January 20, 1933 Tamanyan's vision materialized into a grand stage, an amphitheater boasting over 1070 seats, and elegantly designed hallways, making it a cherished landmark.

With a 90-year history, the Opera Theatre has been the cradle of Armenia's renowned opera pieces and ballets, enchanting audiences with its classical allure. Over the years, it has not only become the pride of Armenia's musical culture but also a global attraction, drawing visitors to experience the country's artistic essence.

Presently, the Opera Theatre thrives as a dynamic cultural hub, featuring performances by world-renowned artists and ballet creators. The international stage also witnesses Armenia's own opera and ballet stars, presenting both Armenian and globally celebrated works.

In line with its commitment to artistic diversity, Armenia's Opera and Ballet Theatre actively expands its repertoire. This initiative aims to include a rich tapestry of both Armenian and international opera and ballet masterpieces, fostering the cultural legacy of Armenia on the global stage.