July 28 – August 19, 2024
Yerevan, Armenia

NurOpera Festival and Academy
NurOpera Festival and Academy will take place for the first time this coming August in the opera house of Yerevan, Armenia. Founded by the acclaimed tenor and opera conductor Migran Agadzhanyan, in collaboration with the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Karen Durgaryan, General Director of the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, and the visionary founder of Meta Music International and Meta Music Academy, Natalja Slobodyreva.

Our mission is to blend an international summer opera festival with an esteemed academy, offering a transformative platform for young singers, conductors, and pianists/repetiteurs. At NurOpera Festival and Academy, emerging talents have a unique chance to perform alongside global opera icons like Maria Guleghina (Meytargian), Veronika Dzhioeva, and Vladislav Sulimsky.

Audiences can expect an engaging mix of emerging talent and seasoned performers in opera concert performances, gala concerts, and staged opera performances. Our goal is to support young artists through comprehensive programs, including studies with acclaimed vocal coaches such as Massimiliano Bullo and masterclasses led by international stars such as Maria Guleghina, and Vladislav Sulimsky.

Participants engage in rigorous study, rehearsal, and performance opportunities. The most outstanding vocalists among them will receive invitations to grace the stage of the Armenian National Opera and Ballet Theatre throughout the season, alongside conductors recognized for their artistry.

NurOpera Festival and Academy enriches Yerevan's cultural scene and celebrates diversity, symbolized by the pomegranate, an emblem of Armenian culture. Join us as we bring renewed cultural vibrancy to Yerevan each summer, showcasing the unity of people and artistry.